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SEO consulting services, SEO consultancy in India

Improving your visibility on search engines we bring your costumers to you…

SEO is the technique used by internet marketing agencies for getting high rankings for their clients’ website in the top search engines say, Google, Yahoo or Bing. To obtain high rankings for your site in major search engines, a careful analysis of your particular domain is necessary. If you feel that you need your site to be optimized and you would like to avail our SEO consulting services, then this is exactly what we will do for you. Adequate research will be done by our SEO team for your site. We will then come up with an exclusive proposal with our recommendations on how you can get to the lead position. And that’s not all.. We will also advise you on how you can maintain your lead position once you get there.

Our Approach

Seguro Technology SEO consulting services gives your Web site a strong competitive advantage in the search results to our experience and long history getting sites ranked. In the highly competitive world of search engine optimization, everyone wants to reach the top. Our SEO Consulting services include the basic keyword research, content creation, link building and onsite and offsite SEO to personalized email, phone, contact form, face book, twitter, Skype and IM support. We at Seguro technology will strive to get your website rank as near to the top of the search results as possible, so browsers will click on your site before any other.

Our best SEO services always come from the people who have elaborate and extensive knowledge about web designing and all other services. We always believe in the high quality and superiority of our work and also we can guarantee your site best rankings in all the major search engines.


  • Keyword Analysis/Research
  • Content Creation
  • Evaluation of Website Content
  • Link building
  • Page Ranking Analysis
  • Optimized URL Structure
  • Competition Analysis and Traffic Analysis
  • Blog Optimization
  • Article submission
  • Directory Submission


Cost-effective Customer Acquisition
Here no payment to the search engines for being indexed but it is so important for high volume, low intent phrases which can be expensive in paid-search .It can very useful for increasing high qualified visitors on the long tail of search.
Target a local audience
This allows to specific target your local community and it’s make sure that when they need your services you are their first point of call.
Brand Visibility
Think about that search, all the branded companies are all desperate to make it onto the Google’s first page. Otherwise No ones that didn’t make it either need to buy other adds to be seen, because which is very expensive for such a competitive search query.
Faster Results
At any time, professionals handle a job they know better than you; it can be finished very sooner as you can except.
Fixed Costs
No cost per click. The cost is relatively fixed, independent of click volume.
Greater Return on Investmen
High, clear, measurable and long term Return on Investment. They don’t have a learning curve; they are not wasting money on SEO trial and error.
Repeat business
High Qualified Visitors searching from search engines tends to stick around for longer.
Overall client rating is 4.9 out of 5.0 for Seguro Technologies by 540 clients on over 2000+ projects.
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