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Ongoing Projects

Package Customization

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Seguro Technologies provides a range of package customization with the support of our deep web application development expertise. We focuses on providing innovative services that encompasses High Performance, High Efficiency and Cost Effective Development Strategy to meet requirements of clients.

At Seguro Technologies, we follow a combination of Rapid Application Development and Agile methodology for developing and managing our projects. Using the “Rapid Application Development” methodology, we simplify the development of vast and complex applications. This methodology focuses on the creation of prototypes rapidly. Initially we create documents which show various screens designed in Microsoft Visio with a few basic descriptions so that the client gets an overall idea of what we are going to built. We then go on to create prototypes so that the client gets a visual feeling. Once this is finalized, we start with the actual development of the business logic.

During the actual development, we are flexible to Agile or Waterfall model depending on the project requirements. We mostly focus on Agile whenever possible as this methodology is better equipped at responding to changing requirements, even during the later stages of development. This helps us in ensuring customer satisfaction by quick delivery of quality software.

In some cases, what the customer asks for is already available in the market. Seguro Technologies provides Customer relationship management (CRM), that can help to increase profitability by organizing and automating business processes that nurture customer satisfaction and loyalty in the sales, marketing, and customer service fields. It also reduces the cost of services.

So if you are comfortable with it, we are ready to use packages for your needs. We have expertise in packages like SugarCRM, Microsoft CRM and osCommerce.

Seguro Technologies offers SugarCRM that enables to analyze and collaborate with customers and employees, measure and report, organize and share customer information, and develop applications and collaborate with the community.

Why Seguro Technologies???

Seguro Technologies are committed to delivering quality products and services to our clients because we care about them and want to assist them in their journey towards success. We excel in our communications with all categories of clients, both tech-savvy and non technical. In case of customers who do not want to get into the technical details, we keep our communications as simple as possible. We do not bombard you with a lot of technical jargon during our discussion on a solution. Our experts explain the technical side in a layman’s words so that you can get a clear picture before finalizing on the solution.

Overall client rating is 4.9 out of 5.0 for Seguro Technologies by 540 clients on over 2000+ projects.
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