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Application Development

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This is yet another development methodology which is used for easing the business processes of an organization. Most common application development involves creating programs to keep track of inventory, billing, maintaining accounts, CRM etc.

At Seguro Technologies, we follow a combination of Rapid Application Development and Agile methodology for developing and managing our projects. Using the “Rapid Application Development” methodology, we simplify the development of vast and complex applications. This methodology focuses on the creation of prototypes rapidly. Initially we create documents which show various screens designed in Microsoft Visio with a few basic descriptions so that the client gets an overall idea of what we are going to built. We then go on to create prototypes so that the client gets a visual feeling. Once this is finalized, we start with the actual development of the business logic. During the actual development, we are flexible to Agile or Waterfall model depending on the project requirements. We mostly focus on Agile whenever possible as this methodology is better equipped at responding to changing requirements, even during the later stages of development. This helps us in ensuring customer satisfaction by quick delivery of quality software.

.Net for Application Development

.Net is a technology from Microsoft and development is done using the languages C# / We have provided a wide range of solutions in .Net to a large clientele. Our strong technical expertise in this technology has helped us gain the confidence and satisfaction of our clients. We have been able to deliver quality solutions quickly since our team of technical expertise has good exposure in the technology.

Java for Application Development

Java is an open source technology and software developed in Java is cross-platform compatible. Java is one of the very few languages that makes distributed computing easy as networking capability is inherently integrated into it. Also, Java is secure and robust. Therefore, if you feel that Java is the right platform for developing your application, you can approach us as we have a excellent team of java experts who can provide you with innovative solutions to your requirements.

Package Customization

In some cases, what the customer asks for is already available in the market. For providing solution to such requirements, an off the shelf product called Microsoft CRM is commonly used. We customise Microsoft CRM as per the requirements of the clients. The advantage of using such an off the shelf product is that it will help in delivering the product quickly. Further, it reduces the learning curve substantially and also results in lesser development time. All the packages support customization to a certain extent. So if you are comfortable with it, we are ready to use packages for your needs. We have expertise in packages like SugarCRM, Microsoft CRM and osCommerce.

Benefits of outsourcing app development

In general, outsourcing your App developments will provide you with cost effective solutions with a quick turnaround time. However, outsourcing your App development requirements to us has specific benefits in addition to these generic advantages.

  • Understanding your requirements before development: Our technical team has a series of discussions with you to understand your ideas and requirements clearly. These are then documented and approved from your side before the development starts
  • Agile Approach : Our agile approach to development will help in integrating changes during the course of the project cost effectively
  • Collaborative Approach: Our team is always readily available for discussions and the entire development is a collaborative approach. Numerous feedback sessions are done at various stages of the project to ensure that the final product meets your expectations
Overall client rating is 4.9 out of 5.0 for Seguro Technologies by 540 clients on over 2000+ projects.
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