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Ongoing Projects

Latest News - Seguro Technologies

  • 2017
  • 12.12.17

    Magento eCommerce Website

    Delivered Magento eCommerce website for an online research agency from UAE

  • 07.12.17

    WordPress Migration

    Completed complex WordPress migration of a Chinese business directory website

  • 27.11.17

    Research on iOS Travel App

    Started the research on iOS travel app for a highly ranked mobile app development agency from Philadelphia

  • 15.11.17

    Signed NDA for Long Term Maintenance

    Singned NDA for a long term web and mobile app development/maintenance for a health tourism co-coordinator from Texas, US.

  • 06.11.17

    Released New Hybrid App

    Released new Hybrid App for a client from Germany

  • 04.10.17

    Signed NDA with a Canadian Agency

    Signed NDA with a Canadian design agency  for mobile app research and development

  • 26.09.17

    Delivered Hybrid Business App

    Delivered new hybrid business app for a multi-store from Norway

  • 12.09.17

    Released WordPress Business Theme

    WordPress business theme is customized for a Brazilian client

  • 04.09.17

    Joomla Job Portal

    USA based job portal is securely integrated with Joomla

  • 25.08.17

    WordPress Plugin Development

    Developed WordPress plugin for an eCommerce portal

  • 13.08.17

    WordPress Theme Conversion

    Done WordPress theme conversion for a health tourism website from Australia

  • 12.07.17

    iOS App Development

    Released iOS App for a client from Germany

  • 29.06.17

    Released Android & Hybrid Apps

    Two new Android and Hybrid apps are released for a shipping company from Brazil.

  • 19.06.17

    Business Logo Design

    Delivered new business logo for UK based digital marketing agency.

  • 04.06.17

    Signed NDA for Theme Customization

    Signed NDA for WordPress theme customization & plugin development

  • 26.05.17

    WordPress Plugin Development

    Completed WorPress plugin development & functionality integration for a job portal

  • 08.05.17

    Released New Hybrid App

    Released new hybrid business App for a client from California

  • 29.04.17

    Assigned WordPress Research

    Assigned WordPress research and analysis for a directory listing website.

  • 21.04.17

    Started iOS App Development

    Started iOS App development for a client from Germany.

  • 06.04.17

    Released New Joomla Website

    New Joomla product listing website is live now

  • 31.03.17

    4 new apps released in Playstore and Appstore

    4 new apps were released this month in Appstore and Playstore for our outsourcing clients

  • 14.03.17

    Started development of custom designed Magento project

    Custom designed Magento project started for a client from Hong Kong

  • 06.03.17

    NDA signed with an Australian client for php and app development

    NDA signed for php and app development for an Australian client. This client will be outsourcing the project to us.

  • 27.02.17

    Completed 3 more custom WordPress themes

    Completed and handed over 3 more custom designed WP themes to our clients.

  • 06.02.17

    Started development of a new hybrid app

    Development started for a new hybrid app for our US client.

  • 31.01.17

    Completed 4 new custom WordPress Themes

    Completed 4 new custom WordPress themes for our clients.

  • 10.01.17

    Agreement signed with another client from Holland for WP development

    This will be a custom themed WP project with lot of cool features and functionalities. We will be developing custom WordPress plugins for some major features.

  • 04.01.17

    NDA signed with clients from USA and Spain

    Two new clients have signed agreement to develop WordPress and Hybrid mobile development projects on a long term basis.

  • 2016
  • 28.12.16

    New modules of the ERP project released

    New modules of the ERP project we are doing for an Australian client has been released to customers successfully. This has enhanced features and functionalities.

  • 05.12.16

    App released in Playstore and Appstore

    The hybrid apps developed for a company have been successfully released in Playstore and Appstore.

  • 28.11.16

    Released 4 new custom WP themes

    Completed and released 4 new custom WordPress themes for different outsourcing clients.

  • 04.11.16

    Signed NDA with a US client for WP development

    Contract and NDA signed with a US client for developing their outsourced WordPress projects.

  • 28.10.16

    App beta version released

    Released the beta version of new hybrid app for testing.

  • 10.10.16

    Completed 2 more custom WordPress theme development

    Completed and released 2 more custom designed and developed WordPress themes to our outsourcing companies.

  • 30.09.16

    First stage development completed for the apps

    First stage of development has been completed for the Hybrid apps. Will be moving to the next stage after client discussion.

  • 12.09.16

    Signed NDA with an Australian firm for WP Development

    Agreement signed with an Australian firm for developing WordPress websites for their clients.

  • 05.09.16

    Started the development of 4 new apps

    Hybrid app development started for 4 new apps. This will be released for Android and iOS versions in Playstore and Appstore.

  • 29.08.16

    Completed 3 new custom WordPress themes

    Completed the design and development of 3 more custom WordPress themes and released it to clients.

  • 02.08.16

    Signed NDA with a South African client

    Signed agreement with a South African client for developing their custom designed WordPress website which will be done using custom fields. This is having quite a lot of functionalities and expected to complete in 2 months time.

  • 29.07.16

    Completed 2 animation projects

    Completed 2 more animation projects and already started working on the new project which is expected to be released by next month.

  • 08.07.16

    Released the new app to appstore and playstore

    Our newly done apps for an Australian company were released successfully today.

  • 28.06.16

    Completed 4 new custom WordPress themes

    Competed the design and development of 4 new custom WP themes.

  • 03.06.16

    Signed up our first animation project

    Signed a contract with a US company for developing animation projects. This will be a long term assignment and looking forward for creative animations ahead.

  • 25.05.16

    Contract Signed with a German Company

    New contract and NDA signed with a German company for web and app development projects.

  • 10.05.16

    Completed the first stage of visitor tracking app

    The first stage of the app specifically done for tablet was successfully implemented and have started with the next stage of development process.

  • 02.05.16

    New Contract Signed for WordPress Development

    Contract and NDA signed with a US client for Offshore WordPress design and development projects.

  • 21.04.16

    Bootstrap based theme project

    Created admin pages for a web application project using bootstrap framework. This is a large application and both client and admin pages were done for a US client.

  • 04.04.16

    Unique app for visitor tracking

    Started development of a new hybrid app in ionic for tracking visitors, entry and exit of employees in an organization.

  • 28.03.16

    Contract signed for WP Development

    A new contract signed with a company from Netherlands for developing WordPress themes and plugins.

  • 12.03.16

    Custom WordPress booking plugin

    Developed a custom WordPress booking plugin for a US Client

  • 15.02.16

    Custom WordPress blog theme

    A custom WordPress blog theme was completed based on the user specifications.

  • 04.02.16

    Bootstrap responsive project design started

    A new bootstrap responsive design was started which will implemented later using Laravel framework. This is a B2C website which has lot of complex functionalities.

  • 29.01.16

    New woocommerce plugin customization project

    A new woocommerce plugin customization project was completed based on the client requirements.

  • 15.01.16

    Ionic App released in Playstore and Appstore

    Released the ionic app after completing the first phase of development to Playstore and Appstore.

  • 2015
  • 30.12.15

    Completed the first phase of ionic app

    Completed the first phase of phonegap app development using ionic framework and released for testing.

  • 04.12.15

    Acquired a Joomla project

    Started development of the Joomla website for a US company.

  • 11.11.15

    WordPress theme development agreement signed

    Signed NDA agreement for developing custom themes for a third party company. We will be doing the design and development based on the client requirements.

  • 02.11.15

    Phonegap app using ionic framework

    Started development of phonegap app using ionic framework. This is a long term project and is the first phase of design and development.

  • 30.10.15

    Custom WordPress Theme

    Completed two custom theme development projects in WordPress. The design, development and plugins were done from scratch.

  • 25.10.15

    Gravity forms plugin customization

    Completed another complex gravity form plugin customization successfully.

  • 10.10.15

    WordPress Woocommerce plugin customization

    Completed two complex woocommerce plugin customization projects successfully.

  • 15.09.15

    ERP project next phase started

    The current module of the ongoing ERP development has completed successfully and have started with the next stage of development.

  • 05.08.15

    Phonegap Project Agreement Signed

    A new app project using phonegap was confirmed and the agreement was signed in the recent meeting with a company in Australia.

  • 30.07.15

    Custom WordPress Development

    Successfully completed three new custom wordpress themes along with the required plugins based on client specifications. These themes and plugins were designed from scratch.

  • 10.07.15

    Hybrid applications using phonegap

    Signed NDA to create 3 new hybrid apps using phonegap. The clients are based in US, Germany and Australia

  • 16.06.15

    Complex WordPress Theme & Plugin Customization

    Completed the complex wordpress theme and plugin customization from

  • 06.06.15

    WordPress and Woocommerce development

    Signed NDA with an Australian company for design and development of wordpress plugins, themes and Woocommerce implementation.

  • 21.05.15

    Revamped our website

    Launched our custom designed wordpress responsive website.

  • 28.02.15

    Portal development using wordpress

    Completed the portal development using WordPress for a Qatar based company.

  • 2014
  • 02.05.14

    Bootstrap and jquery web projects

    Started web application development using bootstrap and jquery.

  • 04.04.14

    WordPress & Php projects

    Signed NDA with one of the US firm for long term design and development of their websites in wordpress and core php.

  • 24.03.14

    Mobile App Development using Phonegap

    Started doing mobile app development projects using Phonegap.

  • 06.03.14

    WordPress plugins and theme development

    Started developing custom wordpress plugins and themes.

  • 2013
  • 07.01.13

    Company to launch its new vertical

    iPhone/iPad development in native technology.

  • 2012
  • 06.11.12

    Completed Phase 1 of Integrated Hospital Management System

    Knowledge sharing in progress with the company who will be starting phase II of development.

  • 2011
  • 29.08.11

    Starts its new development center

    Seguro Technologies starts its new development center at Kakkanad, Kochi, India. This will be the first step towards the expansion of our company.

  • 01.07.11

    Enters into the ERP domain

    Seguro Technologies enters into the ERP domain. We recently acquired an ERP project which will be developed using WPF technology.

  • 21.01.11

    Acquired Hospital Management Project

    Seguro acquired the web project focusing on Hospital Management System. The application will be developed in different phases and phase 1 is to integrate Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors, Patients, Labs & Radiology and Allied Health to a centralized system. Highlights are MS-Outlook themed appointment booking system, Flexible patient observation input for Doctors / Allied Health, Template driven medical certificates and MIS reporting, Offline uploader for Labs for their results.

  • 2010
  • 02.12.10

    Titan Fitness Phase 2

    Seguro signed off the phase 2 web development project of titan fitness. Initial version was a web design project, and phase 2 consisted of CMS integration using JQuery

  • 09.10.10

    Completion of Silverlight Application

    Seguro completed its first Silverlight application. Featuring Silverlight 4, WCF and Linq. The online application is used for managing resources (contractors / employees). It has a custom built Silverlight enabled IM service

  • 10.09.10

    Registration of Seguro Technologies under the LLP Act India

    Seguro Technologies registered as Seguro Technologies LLP under the LLP Act India. The registration marks an important milestone for the company. It is the stepping stone towards the realization of the vision of the company’s founders to provide cost effective and quality software solutions to its customers.

  • 01.09.10

    Seguro Technologies starts its business activities

    Seguro Technologies officially started its business activities. The company is incorporated as Seguro Technologies LLP with its registered office at Kakkanad, Kochi. Seguro Technologies will mainly focus on the web and application development and wed design arena. Apart from these, the company will also provide services in web hosting, SEO, BPO, IT consultancy and software testing. The company spreads its reach across the globe by taking up projects in various technologies from a number of countries including US, UK and Australia.

  • 06.07.10

    Intranet Web Application

    Seguro signed off intranet web application for Al Fasel Engineering, Dubai. This is a system connecting HR / Finance and Production Planning.

Overall client rating is 4.9 out of 5.0 for Seguro Technologies by 540 clients on over 2000+ projects.
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