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Al-Fasel Engineering LLC is a firm based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They have been in business since 2009, focusing on production and maintenance of machineries.For better management of their production, HR and finance activities, they wanted a system which is tailored to suit their needs, easy to use and flexible.

Al-Fasel Engineering LLC partnered with Seguro Technologies which designed and implemented a web based intranet portal for their needs. It satisfied all their requirements and even the employees found it user friendly.

Client Speak:

“We were totally new to the technology that Seguro was discussing about. But they were so helpful and we were really impressed by their performance on developing the prototype. We were able to use the flexibility they offered in intranet application and even the employees were so happy to adopt it without much training”

– Thomas George, Managing Partner, Al-Fasel Engineering LLC

Business Challenges:

  • Implementing a new system which was totally taking control of the client company’s manual approach
  • Employees (skilled and semi-skilled) to be able to understand the production planning for that day, which was automatically manipulated by the system
  • Production planning to provide a visual report of what the machine looks like, how the parts they have to develop look like and how it gets embedded into the machine
  • HR module to automate the complex logic of pay per week for the employees
  • Finance module to automate the salary processing with the bank

Seguro’s Approach:

We decided that the best solution for them will be an intranet application. It was a development which spanned for around 6 months.

  • First release was a prototype in flash which explained the basic system of production planning to the employees. After a few runs of the adobe flash presentation, the employees were able to understand what they could expect and how it would work.
  • Planning was based on a self learning system which enabled the employees to design the various possible plans with their past experience from the system. This was the second module. After a few weeks, the system was able to self design the optimized plans and this was shown to employees for their review.
  • Phase 2 consisted of the development of the actual production planning system.
  • Phase 3 had the HR and finance module closely tied. The finance module was designed in such a way that it resembles their current finance software. So it was easy to migrate.
  • Phase 4 involved the data import of their finance from the existing software to the new one. The finance personnel used both the software applications simultaneously to see whether the data was correct.

Our Review

“Our primary objective was to provide a system which was flexible and easy to use. We also focused on optimization of the planning module which resulted in maximum resource management and profit”

John Paul, CTO, Seguro Technologies LLP

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Overall client rating is 4.9 out of 5.0 for Seguro Technologies by 540 clients on over 2000+ projects.
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