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The pharmaceutical company is a subsidiary of a world famous pharma group. The name of the group cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality reasons. They had a partially automated system for their marketing personnel which was used for their order management. In their existing system, the marketing personnel visited different organizations and they got the order for their products in a document format. This document was then scanned and uploaded to their centralised order management system and manually updated to their order entry system.

The company partnered with Seguro technologies and we designed a system which gave provision for the marketing personnel to update the product catalogue along with a vast amount of information regarding the product. Facility to do an offline order management which could then be connected to central system for automatic order processing was also provided.

Client Speak:

“We had a product which we tried for 2 months and due to the complexity in maintaining the system, the employees weren’t happy. This easy installable software that Seguro Technologies developed had an additional feature of automatic updating of the product catalogue to the system, so every system had the latest information on medicines. There were no more fussy phone calls from the marketing personnel in between their marketing discussions with clients to learn more updates about the product.”

– Michael, CTO, CTSBusiness

Business Challenges:

  • Easy to configure and use. As we were trying to replace the manual processing system and we needed to get the confidence of the employees who were not happy with the new system that was implemented, we had to try to be make things as easy as possible.
  • System to be configured to work offline and online (for import of offline orders and export of updated catalogue), which could be easily understood by normal computer skilled personnel.

Seguro’s Approach:

We decided to stick to the desktop application technique, as it provided an upper hand on the online-offline module. The development took one and a half months to accomplish.

  • We released a flash prototype to make the employees understand the flexibility and easiness of our proposed system.
  • Suggestions were taken from employees and we tried automating their suggestions. It was mainly about the product catalogue and how it should be updated to every computer.
  • We studied the functionalities and business logic of their main system very closely and so were able to create an automated program which could download the latest updates on any of the catalogue products – This was the key to our success.
  • We discussed on the possibility of offline order management (happening in our software) to be integrated to online order management (to their centralized system) using web service calls.

Our Review

“We had to compete with a company who were in the industry for quite some time. As their software wasn’t a success, we had to come up with an easy system. The best part was the catalogue import and it clicked among the marketing personnel”

Steve, Sydney IT Solutions, Seguro Technologies – Business partner

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Overall client rating is 4.9 out of 5.0 for Seguro Technologies by 540 clients on over 2000+ projects.
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