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  • WordPress 4.4.2 Release Notes 2016

    • Feb 17 ,2016
    • By Dickson
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    WordPress team released their new security & maintenance update “WordPress 4.4.2”. This solves two main issues in version 4.4.1 and 17 bug fixes in WordPress 4.4.  So it is necessary to update all your WordPress domains to new version for better security & performance.  The users can update 4.4.2 directly from the WordPress dashboard or … Continue reading WordPress 4.4.2 Release Notes 2016

  • Microsoft Introduces WordPress Content in Windows App Studio

    • Dec 31 ,2015
    • By Ann
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    By the recent update from Microsoft, Windows app studio is now introducing a new feature for developers to import WordPress content to their apps. So you can free your blog from the web and have the open space to catch 110+ million Windows 10 users. Windows app studio is a software development tool which helps … Continue reading Microsoft Introduces WordPress Content in Windows App Studio

  • Tips to Improve WordPress Business Websites in 2016

    • Dec 18 ,2015
    • By Alessa
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    Now that 2016 is here, how can we improve our WordPress Website in 2016? Most of the business owners are pondering over this question. What are the tips to improve your business website? The strategies are completely dependent on the business category but there are a few things are in common. Here are some points … Continue reading Tips to Improve WordPress Business Websites in 2016

  • The Future of WordPress – 2016

    • Dec 15 ,2015
    • By Abe
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    WordPress is stepping into its 13th year in 2016. When we look back to the past years, we can see a lot of significant changes done by the WordPress team. As one of the top CMS platforms, WordPress continues to provide great support for their themes, plugins & widgets. As we all know that it … Continue reading The Future of WordPress – 2016

  • WordPress 2016 : Analysis & Improvements

    • Nov 24 ,2015
    • By Jomeo
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    WordPress updates 2016

    WordPress is stepping into the 13th year by 2016. Year 2015, for WordPress has been great, with thousands of newly added themes, plugins and features. WordPress still maintains the top position in CMS and blogging Platforms. We have talked about a lot about WordPress, plugins, custom themes and supports in my previous posts, but here … Continue reading WordPress 2016 : Analysis & Improvements


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