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  • WordPress Development Services, All in Detail

    • Jan 26 ,2017
    • By Antonio
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    WordPress Development Services India

    WordPress is the #1 CMS platforms available today. There is no reason for a rethinking among the web developers when it comes about this statement. Started as mere blogging platform, WordPress has now outgrown as one among the widely used platforms for website development. With it’s store containing thousands of useful plugins ready to be used, WordPress is just amazing.

    Why WordPress for powering your Website?

    If you have ever thought “Why should I use WordPress“, here are some very good reasons. WordPress is a easy to use, install and update platform. It’s installation takes just 3 or 5 minutes and your website is now ready to go live. Secondly you can choose from a variety of custom free as well as paid templates available in the store. You need not waste time on coding and styling the UI, it’s all predefined. Next comes the plugin. The plugin store consists of thousands of useful plugins that adds functionality to your website without the need for coding. Finally WordPress is easy to update and backup and more secure when compared to other web development platforms. As a result of all these advantages, most of the IT companies consider WordPress as the best platform for CMS development and focus on WordPress development services.

    WordPress Development Services

    Installation & Configuration

    WordPress Installation, WordPress Configuration Services, WordPress Services

    Initial Installation and configuration of WordPress is the first part of building your website. Installing the latest version of WordPress and configuring the database requires a bit of expertise. Adding different users, assigning access levels to each user who can edit/ update the content etc. all comes at this stage.

    WordPress Theme Customization

    WordPress Theme Customization, WordPress Theme Development Services

    WordPress Theme Development and it’s customization plays a crucial role in the look and feel of your website. Even though there are thousands of free themes available in the WordPress store, custom designing gives a personal touch as well as showcases your product/ services in a much better way. Unlike HTML designing, WordPress theme development is a bit complicated and requires expertise and skill.

    Custom Plugin Development

    WordPress Plugin Customization, WordPress Plugin Development, WordPress Plugin Services

    Plugins are one of the best features of WordPress. Plugins greatly enhances the functionality of the website by adding more features. Besides it’s easy to install and update, a lot of functionalities can be added to our website with a single plugin and that too without changing or updating the core codes of your website. A custom Plugin Development requires know how of the basics of WordPress and PHP and requires a great deal of development skills.

     WordPress CMS Development

    WordPress CMS Development, CMS Development Services

    Backed by all the advantages of MySQL and PHP programming languages, WordPress is now the backbone of CMS development. WordPress comes with an easy to use interface and frontend design customization capabilities. A well designed and regularly updated website draws the attention of potential clients as well as the search ranking factor and there is no better platform other than WordPress for this.

    Corporate Blogging Solutions

    Corporate Blogging Solutions, WordPress Blogging Services

    With it’s prime functionality as a blogging platform, WordPress is the best online platform to create and share contents for corporates as well as individuals. But when it comes to corporates, WordPress needs to be more customized, standardized as well as reflect the corporate personality. It also requires different levels of user creations and user access levels to be managed for updating contents.

    Maintenance & Support

    WordPress Maintenance Services, WordPress Supporting Services

    Even if it’s fully automated, WordPress at some point may come across issues that need the support of developers. WordPress also needs to be updated and maintained to continue it’s responsiveness. Plugins, themes (if you are using a purchased one) and even the platform itself needs to be updated at regular intervals to prevent security as well as performance issues.

    WordPress Data Migration  

    WordPress Data Migration, WordPress Migration Services

    Data Migration is one of the biggest issues that we may come across while you are changing your website or hosting servers. Ensuring 100% data transfers without any loss is always a difficult task among the administrators. WordPress supports automatic backups as well as data transfers in a much better way than in any other CMS platforms. One can transfer the data within a single WordPress website to another easily, even though it may take few hours for the migration process.

    WordPress SEO Services


    SEO is simply optimizing your website for search engines. You may lose your potential clients if your site is not optimized. WordPress platform is a huge advantage as it comes pre SEO optimized. Other than that, there are thousands of plugins available, to optimize your webpage automatically with the content present in it. When it comes to CMS site there is no better platform than WordPress which is optimized for SEO.

    WordPress Security Audits

    WordPress Security Audits, WordPress Security Services

    With it’s increasing popularity and usage, WordPress is now the platforms for hackers. Regular security audits, identifying the vulnerabilities and eliminating the spams keeps hackers away from your website. You can seek the help of professionals, who perform a variety of vulnerability tests and help to secure your platform. Plugins are also available to prevent spywares and other spam from attacking your site.

    These are just a few major WordPress developments we have discussed. There are also a wide range of services that come under the WordPress platform that are much oriented to skilled developers like

    1. Ecommerce Applications
    2. Social Network Integration
    3. B2B Applications
    4. B2C Applications
    5. Hospital Applications
    6. Billing Applications
    7. Payment Gateway Integration

    With its extensive usability and acceptance a large number of developers are now coming upwith different levels of software development services that are beyond our thoughts.

    WordPress Jobs in 2017:

    As one of the most emerging CMS platform, WordPress can offer a wide range of jobs all around the world in 2017. Now itself millions of websites are running in WordPress that shows the depth of usability, so in 2017 the content management system will short to a single word WordPress. Most of the new business domains are on the WordPess platform due to its performance and plugin support.

    Then guys, if you are a code maniac let’s start your career in WordPress  & Be Secure.  We are waiting for new code folks in 2017, WordPress updates & WordPess Jobs in 2017.

    We have discussed a about few of the services that comes under the WordPress development.We can hope the usability of the WordPress platform will be evolving much more in the nearfeature making the development services as simple as possible.

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    • Jan 26 ,2017
    • By Antonio
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