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  • WordPress 2016 : Analysis & Improvements

    • Nov 24 ,2015
    • By Jomeo
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    WordPress updates 2016

    WordPress is stepping into the 13th year by 2016. Year 2015, for WordPress has been great, with thousands of newly added themes, plugins and features. WordPress still maintains the top position in CMS and blogging Platforms. We have talked about a lot about WordPress, plugins, custom themes and supports in my previous posts, but here I would like to discuss some of the major improvements that we can expect for WordPress in 2016.

    Custom Dashboards:

    With the impending inclusion of WP-API, we will able to use custom dashboards for WordPress in the coming years. Apart from the classic WordPress dashboard style, users can now customize the dashboard themes and functionalities based on the services they are offering.

    Default Themes:

    This is one feature of WordPress where most of the users want improvement. We all know that the current default themes in the WordPress fails to create a wow impression among the audience. With the vast amount of custom eye catching themes, we can hope for some major changeover for the default themes in 2016

    Plugin Library Cleanup:

    Plugins are basically the backbone of WordPress. But these days there are thousands of plugins added everyday and it has become difficult for users to figure out which really works and is up to the standard. Strict quality guidelines should have to be brought in so that users will get the best rated, quality and functional plugins straightaway.

    Spam Comments:

    One of the biggest headaches in WordPress is the cleanup of spam and junk comments. They just steal away your bandwidth and disk space. We can hope for an update from WordPress in controlling these spam comments during the year 2016

    Update Procedure:

    There are theme updates, plugin updates and WordPress updates coming in one after the other. All these updates may sometimes (not always) cause conflicts or compatibility issues. We can hope for a new set of updates in WordPress where the conflict and compatibility issues of plugin will no longer cause headache.

    We have mentioned very little about the WordPress in 2016 here. So stay tuned as we will update the post with all the new improvements in WordPress platform.

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    • Nov 24 ,2015
    • By Jomeo
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