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  • Tips to Improve WordPress Business Websites in 2016

    • Dec 18 ,2015
    • By Alessa
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    Now that 2016 is here, how can we improve our WordPress Website in 2016? Most of the business owners are pondering over this question. What are the tips to improve your business website? The strategies are completely dependent on the business category but there are a few things are in common.

    Here are some points to improve WordPress business website in 2016:

    1. It’s important to catch a modern design & layout for 2016 that must stand distinct from other business profiles.
    2. Need to be more SEO friendly & optimize the page speed, as it is very import for user experience.
    3. Provide good security. WordPress is a favorite platform for the hackers. So it’s necessary to implement/develop more secure, flexible plugins for your business websites.
    4. Please do a complete review of your WordPress design & functionalities not only by business users but also by common users like bloggers.
    5. Create good content for your users and not for search engines. If your content is informative and sharable search engines will rank well in your business category without any promotion.
    6. Remove unwanted plugins, widgets & service contents to improve overall performance of your website.
    7. Follow/integrate the latest updates from WordPress team for the security & quality.
    8. Stand away from the common functional procedures. Be different.
    9. Need frequent updates by the competitor analysis.
    10. And it’s all about the user Experience.

    Here we have shared a few suggestions from our WordPress/Business development team for the survey “Here I’m WP 2016”. Please share your thoughts on this & ALL THE BEST to each and every WordPress business owner.

    • Dec 18 ,2015
    • By Alessa
    • No Comment
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