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  • SEO/Online Marketing Strategies to Avoid in 2016

    • Oct 27 ,2015
    • By Christeena
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    SEO tactics to avoid in 2016

    Over the last few years SEO and online promotions have turned out to be one of the basic necessity of an online business. Today most of the business and brands are in search of ways to promote their business online. As the competition is increasing, the guidelines and criteria for SEO are also changing from time to time. Here are a few of the old SEO strategies that needs to be avoided in 2016

    1. Unplanned Way of Campaign Approach

    Never go blind while organizing your marketing strategy. One of the most common SEO mistakes made is planning a marketing strategy without understanding the potential customers. The first thing you need to do is understand your service and the audience it can reach. Classify your audience and then plan your campaign and marketing resources accordingly.

    2. Low Quality of Business Website

    Analyze your website first. Look for possible errors and ways to improve your website’s user friendliness. Cross check all the information, broken links and make the website optimized for mobile friendly devices. Most of the search engines now prefer responsive websites.

    3. Useless Content & Not Doing Content Marketing

    During the later 2015 it was considered that giving lots of service information can boost up your search rankings. There is no point in providing a lot of information on your websites. The best thing you need to do is to give relevant, genuine and accurate information regarding your product/ service. Highlight the key points and features in such a way that it doesn’t distract the user interaction within your website.

    4. Spamming/Over Optimization

    Web world is evolving fast. There is no static place for spammers and black hats in the new sphere. All major search engines are now demoting spammers and over promoted websites. So the best thing you can do to promote your website in 2016 is to avoid spamming and over promotion. Refer the guidelines from major search engine like Google and Bing and organize your strategies for marketing following their guidelines.

    5. Focusing only on Keywords

    Of course, keywords are the basic factors in searches. But do not focus entirely on them. Focus mainly to provide relevant service/ product related information with suitable titles and descriptions. You may not have the exact ranking for your service keyword, but you can have ranking for its related keywords. Users are diverse, so are their searches. So don’t focus on your keyword searches alone but try to get maximum traffic by relating your webpages with different keywords.

    6. Untargeted & Bulk E-mail Marketing

    There are lots of email marketing agencies out there sending emails related to your services to thousands of users. Are all these users potentially your clients? Not at all. The email marketers guarantee only 10% of read mail on a campaign. So imagine how much of your time and money is spend on this blind email marketing.

    7. Using Social Medias only for Business

    Social Media are one of the best ways to get interacted with your customers on the web. But never use your social profiles entirely as a medium to market your business. Try sharing latest news, information promotional offers etc. with your audience.

    8. Not Measuring Results

    Your SEO campaign should move with the results and responses. Once you plan a campaign and implement it, the very next thing you need to do is to track its performance. Make use of analytics and other tools available to monitor your campaigns. If it’s not reaching your audience, get back and work on your strategies, make necessary changes and then implement it. Campaigns without regular monitoring is a complete waste.

    9. Lack of Client Support

    If your service is customer support oriented, then pay attention to their queries. Your customer is the king of your business. Try to provide possible solutions or response to their queries at the earliest you can. One negative comment from a user can distract other customers from you.

    So we have discussed some of the SEO/ Digital marketing strategies that need to be avoided in 2016. Hope this has helped you to keep your online marketing info updated.

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    • Oct 27 ,2015
    • By Christeena
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