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  • SEO Strategies to Master in 2016

    • Oct 01 ,2015
    • By Amy
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    SEO strategies 2016, SEO tactics 2016

    As the search algorithms continue to evolve day by day, eliminating spams and low quality websites, it’s important for every marketer and webmaster to understand what’s updated and what’s outdated in the SEO. Over the last few years we have come across several search algorithm updates from google including Panda update, Humming Bird update and eventually the mobile friendly algorithm update. SEO today is not just a mere way to boost up website traffic by link building, keyword stuffing or blogging. It’s far from it, in fact, most of the marketers are still not aware what’s the current SEO tactics and strategies that gets worked. Here we have the latest Search marketing strategies and insights that can give your business a boost up in 2016.

    Quality of Website:

    “Quality is the Best Business Plan”.

    The first step for better Search engine marketing is to make a Quality website. When designing a website focus on providing relevant, unique and accurate information regarding the product/ service and on the user interaction, experience. Optimize the graphical elements as such the website loads faster and also make sure the website works fine across all mobile, PC and tab devices and is up to date. WordPress is one such self-contained web development platform that features an intuitive interface and is very easy to manage your Content Management System. More over the look and feel of your website can easily be customized just a single click away with thousands of templates and plugins available from the WordPress store. Get WordPress Support

    Competitor Analysis:

    “You Should Learn From your Competitors but Never Copy”

    It’s one of the most sophisticated partsof the online marketing that needs an in depth analysis. Get to know your competitors, analyze their websites, social profiles, traffic sources, branding strategies and marketing trends and figure out your scopes for improvement. For the best part, just think outside the box as your competitors are thinking.

    Be Social:

    “Focus on How to be Social, not How to do Social” – Jay Baer

    Social Medias have changed the concepts of communication. It’s a better way to speak out your brand, to take part in global conversation and for greater customer interaction. Do not use social media as a platform to sell your products instead use it as a way to publicize your products? Always keep in mind to update worthwhile information’s and stay engaged in a timely manner.

    Target Audience:

    “Be Sure You Positively Identify the Target, Before You Pull the Trigger” – Tom Flynn

    Planning and building your business is not complete without identifying who will be at the receiving end of your marketing strategies. Make yourself clearly defined about the target audience before implementing your marketing strategies. Whether it’s a blog post, Social Media update, Advertisement elements or even a single line of content for your website, target AUDIENCE is the major factor that defines all of it.

    Analyze the Performance:

    Analyzing your website performance is also a vital part of Search engine marketing. In a timely manner, analyze and measure your website ranking potential and then adapt your optimization strategies accordingly. There are many tools available to track and measure your analytics and performance.

    Focus on ROI (Return on Investment):

    The ultimate aim of every online marketing strategy is the ROI. Your SEO should not only focus on Keyword rankings, backlink counts and traffic, but should also consider the sales accept of business. In fact the goal of your marketing is to engage more customer with your product/ services and eventually convert them into your valuable clients.

    SEO isn’t a one-day event. The strategies that worked today may not work tomorrow. So keep yourself updated and bring the above mentioned prospective to the forefront. A long-term outlook and commitment is required for a successful online venture.

    • Oct 01 ,2015
    • By Amy
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