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  • Mobile App Updates & Trends in 2016

    • Dec 04 ,2015
    • By Georgy
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    mobile app updates 2016, ios updates 2016

    Why are we considering this topic as a big thing? The answer is very simple. Mobiles & apps have influenced us a lot and a result they are now a part of our life in one way or the other. Mobile apps are playing a major role in real life and business for teaching, shopping, online bookings, information searches and even for hiring a cab. In this post we are going to discuss few things on revolution and trends in mobile apps in 2016.

    Before going deeper let’s discuss on the major Mobile OS, its updates and the trends coming up in 2016.

    Upcoming updates in Mobile OS 2016:

    Android: Some of us may have gone through the Google I/O 2015 in which the android’s upcoming version was announced. The Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the new OS packed with UI improvements and features. The new features involve “Now on Tap”, giving out the exact and precise info’s you needed within a single click. Other features involve fingerprint reorganization, improved voice commands and UI experience.

    IOS: iOS with its latest version iOS 9, features a great voice assistant Siri that can do a lot of thing for you even without touching the phone. Apart from these there are also improvements for tracking your health, apple pay, apple watch integration and even more as such that, it gives the most advanced mobile experience.

    Windows: We all know that it’s been a while only since windows phones have been in the market. But with the new windows 10 updates coming to all the windows devices, the mobile computing will be at a whole new level. The new continuum features are really great for business to carry out their work from one location to other. The windows 10 platforms are now offering the developers a great way to create and convert the apps made for other platforms like android and iOS.

    Apps for Business:

    As per the information from a survey held in 2015 the number of customers who follows up business websites have decreased when we compared to the app search. Presently it’s a bit difficult for a business to cater their services without an app to offer good service & customer experience. Now it’s the turn of Mobile Apps for the business to bring their services at your fingertip. Within next few years there will a digital revolution in all different business categories.

    User-friendly /Updates:

    The life and acceptance of a mobile app is decided by the customers & that is entirely different from the analysis of a business website. If you are running a mobile app, value your customer’s feedback, reviews and provide maximum user support that meets their requirements. As this is very competitive field we need to add updated features/related services to stand out in the business category. Quality, user support & updates make an app popular.


    With increasing number apps in play store and more people using these apps, the security is a great concern. Now a day’s almost every apps are integrated with advanced encryption and security features making the users to work in a safe environment. The developers are continually researching on the app’s integrity, crashes, compatibility, performance issues and bug fixes and keeps on updating their apps with the fixes needed.

    If you are a developer stepping into the big world, hope this information will be useful for you. Please share your suggestion on the same which will be warmly welcomed.

    • Dec 04 ,2015
    • By Georgy
    • No Comment
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