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  • Is it Necessary to Update WordPress to New Versions?

    • Jan 11 ,2016
    • By Neil
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    WordPress updates 2016

    Whether it is necessary to update WordPress to new versions has been a widely asked question.

    Most of the WordPress users still have this doubt in their minds. The answer is YES; we need to update.

    Not only WordPress, but every software platform, apps and OS needs to be updated for a clutter free experience. An update may seem to have done nothing in the UI because it remains the same but it will have fixes for a lot of security issues and bugs. This will help in making the platform work with the latest programming techniques available.

    WordPress is powered by millions of free/ paid plugins and themes that make it unique. WordPress team continues to research, develop and improve their platform through updates and releasing newer version at regular intervals. On updating, you can avail all the latest features, support, plugin supports and security fixes that helps to protect your websites from virus attacks and hacking.

    We suggest having your WordPress platform updated to its latest version in 2016 so that you can enjoy and use every available plugin without any compatibility issues. On the other hand, if you are a super user and have a clear understanding of the codes used to develop your website, you can check out the update history form the official WordPress website and can update if you think it’s necessary.

    • Jan 11 ,2016
    • By Neil
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