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  • iOS 9.2 Update Overview

    • Dec 17 ,2015
    • By Claudia
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    Apple last week has rolled out the second update for IOS. Codenamed iOS 9.2, the latest update brings numerous security patches and bug fixes to iOS 9.1. The latest logs from apple official website states that the updates are all about various fixes and improvements to the OS while there is no major or new features added.

    The latest updates include improvements to Apple Music, a new top story section in apple news, improvements in the mail app to send large attachments, 3d touch support for iBook’s, improved keyboard responsiveness, stability fixes for safari, podcast & live photos. Minor issues with camera, calendar apps, health apps and alarm apps are also fixed within the new update.

    To be more precise the latest iOS 9.2 update have brought about notable improvement to the apple music app which now includes the new features to add playlist while adding new songs, ability to download playlist from iCloud library, new download indicator to track the latest music tracks downloaded etc.

    Known Issues with the Update:

    However, there has been no such big issue reported. A few of the minor issues with the latest updates includes:

    Installation issues: You should have at least 1.5 GB of free space to have the updates to get installed.

    Touch ID failure: Few users have reported the Touch ID failures and the fingerprint reorganization issues after updating the system.

    Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue: The continued issue in the iOS updates. The Wi-Fi issues can be resolved by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

    Apple team is always providing good support for their valuable users by new updates and quick fixes. Hope there will be a recent updates for new iOS features & just can’t wait.

    • Dec 17 ,2015
    • By Claudia
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