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  • How Secure is Your WordPress Blog/Site?

    • Aug 07 ,2015
    • By Mijulal
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    WordPress Security Issues

    Nowadays we are more conscious about online security. If you are a webmaster or a website owner, you will be very well aware of website errors, issues, malware attacks and even hacking. You may have come across at least some, if not all, of these issues. So let us discuss a few of the common security issues in detail.

    WordPress Security Issues:

    There is no denial of the fact that WordPress is one of the most widely used CMS and blog platforms for millions of websites across the web. But have you ever given some thought into how secure your platform is from hacking and malware attacks. Even the themes and plugins you have installed in your blog are insecure and vulnerable to security issues. Therefore, a few of the methods to protect your blog or site against these vulnerabilities are being discussed below.

    How To Prevent Them:

    1. Passwords: Password protection is the first step towards ensuring website security. Always maintain strong passwords that re not commonly used. Try to include at least a special character and a number in your password and keep changing these passwords from time to time.

    2. Updates: This is one of the most important security feature that most of the users skip. Update your WordPress, plugin, and themes whenever an available. An update may include fixes to common bugs and security loops. WordPress offers a centralized platform and notification for updates within the admin panel. So with just a single click you can update your website and can get secured.

    3. Admin Access: Do not share your admin panel login to someone you don’t trust. Change the default admin access and do not try to access admin login on Public networks that are much more vulnerable.

    4. Malware/ virus protection: Always protect your servers from malwares and viruses. By default your server will have an anti-malware software running to prevent such attack. If you are not sure, ask your server provider to enable protection. Also delete spam comments and other user uploaded contents from your site on a regular basis.

    Popular Plugins for WordPress Security:

    WordPress Security Plugins, WordPress Security Themes, WordPress Security issues

    The WordPress store offers several plugins for securing your WordPress site. If you are really concerned about your online business security you can consider the following plugins:

    1. Word Fence: Scans all the files inside the server for malware/ virus attacks

    2. Bullet proof Security: An all in one security plugin for admin logins, database protection and firewall protection

    3. 6Scan Security: An automated security loop fixer for WordPress

    4. All In One WP Security & Firewall: An easy to use plugin for vulnerability checks and reducing security risks.

    5. iThemes Security: Widely used security plugin for preventing brute force attacks and tracking user activities.

    Ethical Hacking Test/ Software Testing:

    WordPress Security Testing, Ethical Hacking

    It’s always better to analyse your website for security loops before its being attacked. There are numerous ethical hacking, software testing agencies who have expertise in this area and can analyse your website for vulnerabilities and help you to fix them. Prevention is better than cure, so get the installation tested before its being hacked/ attacked.

    Forums/Support Team for WordPress Security:

    There may be some unique issues you may come across your site for which no solutions published in web will work out. Here you can make use of forums/support team from WordPress by posting your issues in these forums. Instead of seeking help from someone who does not have expertise, it’s better to get support through these forums and fix the issues yourself.

    We hope the article has helped you to get a basic idea on WordPress security issues and how to resolve them yourself. Keep in mind to update your WordPress and uses plugin and themes only from trusted sources.

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    • Aug 07 ,2015
    • By Mijulal
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